2018 Street of Dreams Showcase Video - Hearth & Home

For the 2018 Street of Dreams dream home tour in Portland Oregon, Valve was contracted by Anlon Construction to script, direct, film and edit this showcase promotional video to be featured on the big screens in the home during the month long home tour. Our approach was this dramatic style video showcasing the entire building of their home titled “Hearth & Home” from the ground up through completion. The project involved months of shooting using still cameras, video gimbal steady cam, and aerial drone cinematography. The show video was a huge success and visitors gathered round to watch the entire production.

This beautiful award-winning home was built by Anlon Construction and designed by Wendy O’Brien Luxury Interiors. The designer won multiple awards for this home including Best Interior Design and Best of Show among many others.

CLICK HERE to view our finished professional photography of the home.



Valve Interactive

Wendy O’Brien Luxury Interiors

Anlon Construction

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