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Bandon Beach - Facerock Vacation Home Shoot

This shoot was an incredible experience at a very magical spot called Facerock,set on the Oregon coast . This stunning vacation home was perched right on the edge of the coast and located directly in front of Facerock. We wanted to capture the beautiful relaxed and luxurious personality of this modern home design. The setting also offered us the opportunity to create an amazing project story video using aerial cinematography combined with our still photography.

A interesting side note to this project. When we did the shoot, the beautiful glass panel railing on the side and rear of the home was not built yet so we had to follow architecture renderings and create the entire railing, brackets and glass panels digitally over top of the photographs including rendering proper and accurate glass reflections.



Valve Interactive

Wendy O’Brien

Giulietti Schouten Weber Architects

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